About Us

We are a group of people who work with data and make the most out of it. Targeting the central problems of traffic, breakdowns and bus availability, we utilize data that solves one of the most important problems for major cities. Deriving data, applying our algorithms and representing it in the most effective manner is our goal!

The Centre of Sustainable Mobility, through its research focus, will not only enhance public transit, but will also save lives by preventing road accidents. Road accidents kill more than 1.5 million people every year in India and affect more than 1 crore people with serious injuries every year. The loss of GDP due to road accidents is estimated to be around 2% only. Many of these unfortunate outcomes can be reduced by creating a better transport infrastructure in the county and the Centre of Sustainable Mobility will strive towards it. Moreover, sustainable public transit can also play a key role in decreasing the pollution in Delhi by removing cars from the roads and enabling people to avail public transit.

The centre will also open up new avenues and courses for training students in the field of public transportation, electric vehicles as well as road safety. There is a greater need for the new age courses to be connected to the SDG goals of the UN.